Monday, January 12, 2009

never until you fall

over the holidays i was thinking about a few things, why is it that people try so hard for things and just get all wrapped up making them more complicated then they really need to be. i mean if you want something and it makes you happy just go for it, why bother thinking about what will happen later on... its really not going to matter if it makes you happy right then, im not saying dont care about anything because that is not the case but why does it have to be perfect. nothing is perfect and the sooner people realize this the better. take love for example, its gonna be rocky and tough at times and yes some of us will over think things and some will just not care about whats to come but the point is stop trying to plan life. life happens and it will always just ruining you plans over and over again...please do not get me wrong there is a big difference between planning and having goals you need to accomplish. working towards a career and having a job is nesscary. but trying to plan every little thing like when to fall in love or when the time is right to be with someone is just ridiculous. so i will end this rant with one thing...FOLLOW YOUR HEART... and dont take everything in life so seriously.

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